Trudes Tier

06-7 minutes / Comedy

Children Series about the life of Trude and Animal


Trudes flatmate is a huge, hairy, animal, called... animal!

It doesn't know where it comes from and how to behave with humans. So Trude shows it the world. Animal on the other hand makes Trude reconsider, some common rules of the everyday life and opens up new perspectives.

My first work for TV (wdr), with the wonderful Studio Soi. I wrote Three Episodes. The Episode "Inselurlaub" was nominated for the Grimme Award 2020

The Episodes can be found in ARD Mediathek

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Niesen   -  Inselurlaub   -  Sankt Martin

Screenplay: Valentin Burkhardt, Marcus Sauermann

Director: Johannes Weiland

Production & Animation: Studio Soi