il Civetto Trilogy

three interconnected Musicvideos

Concept: Valentin Burkhardt, il Civetto, Ella Estrella Tischa

Director: Valentin Burkhardt
Cinematography: Manuel Meinhardt

Editing: Maximilian Raible
Art Direction: Klara Mohammadi


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Music video Trilogy for Il Civettos Album - facing the wall


A Musician in a writers block, trapped by his own pattern, changing nothing, afraid of the System and Society, represented by masked plaster figurines. Gradually he tries to oppose them and his own fears, until finally he's defeating them with his music.


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More Il Civetto... Very old works, from the beginnings of Filmmaking.

il Civetto - Mr. Matrose

(official Music video)

Director: Valentin Burkhardt

Cinematography: Valentin Burkhardt & Julian Schmitt


il Civetto - Barushka

(Official Music Video)

Cinematography & Edit: Valentin Burkhardt & Jannis Wollny

The dancers: Emma Mouton & Salomé Dizay