Huge website update & stuff to watch

2ND of APRIL 2020

new stuff & Instagramm trailers


Corona has infected me with the urge to finally update this website. Feel free to browse. There is a lot of shortfilms and smaller Videosprojects completely free.


Also I will announce each with a little Trailer on Instagramm.

So if you want trailers Follow


Trudes Tier nominated for Grimme 2020

16th of january 2020

Great News! Inselurlaub has a nomination!


One of the Episodes I wrote for Trudes Tier named "Inselurlaub" is nominated for the Grimme award 2020 in the category youth.

My first work for TV, My first Price nomination, at that from Grimme, the biggest TV Price in Germany. 
I pop a bottle of Cranberry juice, and thank  Studio Soi for this oportunity!

All the nomination can be seen here  on the homepage of Grimme.

The Episodes can be found in ARD Mediathek

click to open:

Niesen   -  Inselurlaub   -  Sankt Martin